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This first day of my Metaverse, I dreamt in color. I dream of color. The colors are fun, the colors are present, the colors are relevant. The colors are vibrant, in the Metaverse. They are expressions of emotion. They are many, they are bold, they are all around. I embrace color. I define color. I love color. The colors stimulate my eyes and cause my heart to quicken. The vibrance of color is the flavor of the Metaverse.

Day 1 of 30 - Definition of Color Thumb.png

Available on Ethereum OpenseaThis NFT is a part of the #30DaysOfMetaverse experience project. The NFT is GAN art created on June 1st, 2022 and is Day 1 of 30. 6000x4000px

Notes & Takeaways

First of the month…I’m always busy on the first. I clearly forgot that and must have been crazy for starting this journey today. I wanted to get out my first day early this morning but it did not happen. And that is ok. I had a great room tonight and it which sparked the thought for my submission today. The problem I have with a lot of Metaverse spaces, including the much acclaimed Horizon is that they are boring as all get out. Interactivity is nil. But even more than that, the colors — everything gives me Pleasantville vibes. I feel like no matter how beautiful a space is, its still washed out.

We need to fix that immediately for the hopes of mass adoption. The spaces have depth, just no color. My meaning in color is obviously two fold. Web3 is an opportunity to redefine the way we see color. Its suppose to change things up yet all too often we still see full on conferences with no signs of change (or wayyy too little). Baby steps they say, well how long does it take to become a toddler? I’m ready to feel like we are running not crawling when it comes to diversity and inclusion…anyway…

I learned something new today. I was introduced to Elrond blockchain…just when I jump out of one rabbit hole, I fall right into another one.

Tomorrow is another day…


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