Google I/O, Bard Goes Dark and Free NFTs | Meta Mind Shift Show May 10, 2023

Todays show we’re talking AI and the Metaverse, and taking Augmented Creativity and heading back to the blockchain with Web3. Today we created a #POET for everyone to enjoy on #polygon. Snag yours – Proof of Experience Token, available to the first 100 to claim, link is below. Google I/o laid down the gauntlet…sorta….Bard goes dark, AutoAI has competition and Stablity.AI open sourced AI automation…let the digital transformations commence! Discounts on Google Workspace available below (affiliate link)nnMeta Mind Shift Show May 10, 2023, 6PM | Wednesdays live showsnnLinksnPOETS: (the correct link) https://POE.xyznBard is available – Announcement: – The free and automated web3 allowlist platformnGet started with Google Workspace – Proof of Experience Token is free to claim in your NFT wallet until they are gone! #FREE #NFTnClaim your POET:, digital transformation, AI, AGI, future, evolution, telephones, instant global connectivity, connect, share, innovate, cellphones, thought-provoking journey, POET, Proof of Experience Token, free, polygon NFT, Ethereum/polygon wallet, Technikole, AI Evolution, Congress meeting, rules, regulations, guidelines, Web3, mind-blowing episode, breakthroughs, futuristic possibilities, digital transformation, Meta Mind Shift Show, scheduled, 6PM EST, augment creativity, building the future, streamed live, replays, comments. nnThank you for watching!nnnWatch us on YouTube –

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