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Introducing #30DaysOfMetaverse

Welcome to **30 Days of Metaverse ** creations, artwork and imaginings. Jump into the Metaverse! When: Starting June 1, 2022 June 30, 2022 (rolling beyond that) ABOUT Think (create), mint, bui…

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Welcome to **30 Days of Metaverse ** creations, artwork and imaginings. Jump into the Metaverse!

When: Starting June 1, 2022 June 30, 2022 (rolling beyond that)


Think (create), mint, build

Following the #30DaysofCode initiative, this project aims at creating a movement. This effort focuses on you, the individual and your vision for the future of the Metaverse, imagined as you want it to be.

The Metaverse is coming but its not here yet. We are working to build what we want for our various and collective futures. That starts with you thinking about what you want.

GoalsObjectiveUh RoadmUh WhitepaprrrUh Goals

It is NOT a traditional NFT project. This is a decentralized catalog of collections linked only by the will and hashtag behind them. All collections using the hashtag #30DaysOfMetaverse will be considered as a part of the movement.

This movement is meant to help us lock in this moment in time so that we can order our steps accordingly. The purpose is aimed at using the power of the decentralized blockchain and Web3 NFTs. Thats the goal for us, empowering a world built by its user community. The goal is to think about the world around you and how it will be once we actualize the Metaverse and then mint that onto the blockchain.

How to Participate:

Definition of the Metaverse

For the purpose of this project and your portion of it, the definition is yours to create, no judgements.😉

The Genesis Collection

The first collection of this catalog is available starting June 1st 2022 at https://opensea.io/collection/30-days-metaverse

Daily Steps

  1. Commit to thinking about your future in the Metaverse for 30 days.

  2. Create a digital rendering of your future Metaverse or thoughts about the Metaverse, every day for the month of June 2022.

  3. Mint your creation on the blockchain of your choice. (this is the empowerment piece)

  4. Share your creation daily on Twitter or Instagram. Post your new creations daily, every day for 30 days. Use hashtag: #30DaysOfMetaverse

  5. Help spread the idea AND create accountability within your regular audience/followers/community.

Optional (but highly recommended): Collect a creation that resonates with you from outside of your norm from the hashtag #30DaysOfMetaverse.

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Notes: This project is Open to All, includes all types of renderings and is blockchain agnostic.

While we are starting in June 2022, you may not find out about this until December of 2023change year and month as needed, its more important that you are thinking outside of the box for 30 days than when you start.

It does not matter whether you like the idea of the Metaverse, think its hogwash, subscribe to the idea of a Metaverse vs Metaverses or are fully immersed in the virtual activities already, this is a project anyone can do. You DO NOT have to be an artist or a creator to make this work for you.

**Attribution Guidelines: ** Just use the hashtag: #30DaysOfMetaverse and share your offerings with the world.

White Paper There is not a black, white, purple or orange paper for this project, consider this it. 😉

White List There is not a black, white, purple or orange list for this project, consider it invisible. Also, go back and reread this document.😉

Discord At the time of writing this is there is not a Discord or Telegram for this project. It is decentralized and we do not need one. However I may create one to allow for the project to evolve beyond itself. IF that happens, the official Discord server will be posted in this article AND on the Genesis collection.

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Sometimes known as benefits, i.e. things you will gain

Got Questions? Pop questions in the comments and dont forget to clap!

Its time to imagine the world, reimagined #Metaverse #30DaysoOfMetaverse

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