Metaverse Beauty Week June 14th | 30 Days of Metaverse [Meta Mind Shift Show]

nWe’re continuing the #30DaysofMetaverse #challenge This week we dive into Metaverse Beauty Week and recap the first 12 days. We discuss “Unleashing the Power of AI for Proposals” and provide a walk through Decentraland, Spatial and Hiberworld. Virtual worlds and wearables.nnWe’re diving deeper into the Metaverse, encouraging not just creation but exploration and immersion too. Following the success of #30DaysOfCode and our inaugural #30DaysOfMetaverse, we’re back with a more ambitious project.nn🚀 Get ready for a mind-blowing episode of the Meta Mind Shift Show, exploring the exhilarating evolution of artificial intelligence (AI)! 🤖✨ Join us as we dive into the latest breakthroughs, futuristic possibilities and digital transformation and its impact on our world.nnMeta Mind Shift Show is scheduled:: June 14, 2023, 6PM ESTnnAugment Your Creativity, its time for your Digital Transformation as we head into the Metaverse. Join NiKole Technikole Maxwell as we discover, explore and thrive — we’re building the future!nnStreamed live, catch up on the replays join us in the comments!nnTags:n#30DaysOfMetaverse, 30 Days of Metaverse, Metaverse Beauty Week, Meta Mind Shift, technikole, nikole maxwell, metaverse, digital transformation, polygon NFT, Ethereum/polygon wallet, self-driving cars, AI-powered healthcare, AI Evolution, Congress meeting, Metaverse, rules, regulations, guidelines, Meta Mask Wallet, ConsenSys, Web3, breakthroughs, futuristic possibilities, digital transformation, Meta Mind Shift Show, live, scheduled, 6PM EST, augment creativity, building the future, streamed live, replays, comments.nn

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