Its Endometriosis Awareness Month [March 2024]

The “She Shamrocks | Endo Smiles Collection” celebrates the resilience and strength of women living with endometriosis through NiKole Maxwell’s vibrant digital portraits. Now in its 3rd annual iteration, the She Shamrocks series was created in 2022 to raise awareness for Endometriosis, while honoring Women’s History Month, and of course to provide PFP NFTs for “sistas” who love the color green during St Patrick’s Day holiday.

She Shamrocks 2024 | Endo Smiles Collection by Technikole

For the 3rd installment in 2024, the series introduces two distinct collections – the raw “Endo Pangs” portraits unveiling the vulnerability of and pain of “endo warriors”, and the uplifting “Endo Smiles” celebrating those who face the invisible illness with grace and determination. Despite constant battles against debilitating pain, these smiling portraits radiate warmth, joy and an indomitable spirit that refuses to be dimmed.

Beneath the bright smiles lies a harsh reality – the relentless agony of endometriosis impacting every aspect of life for millions worldwide. I hope that the artwork reminds us that hope and happiness many people deal with “unseen” invaders that disrupt their daily lives and they have no choice but to put on a happy face and smile through it. Ultimately compassion is needed along with understanding.

The journey of She Shamrocks has evolved over the last few years. Beginning in 2022, the collection was created during the International Women of Blockchain conference. While NiKole was serving exhaustively as the CoCreator, Executive Producer, and creator of Futuristic Fridays in the Metaverse, she was battling a strong fight with Endometriosis. She found herself smiling on screen in between inner screams of pain. The evolution of She Shamrocks is one that really every woman can understand or anyone who has had to put on a “brave” face or tough it out. The collection showcases solidarity.

2023 Inaugural She Shamrocks Collection
2023 She Shamrocks Collection
2024 She Shamrocks | “Endo Smiles” Collection

Personalized Endometriosis Warrior NFTs & Merch

Personalized Endometriosis Warrior NFTs & Merch In addition to the preminted Endo Smiles portraits, NFT holders can request a custom digital artwork featuring a name and details of their choice to honor a loved one’s endometriosis journey. What better way to support your family, friend or loved one than with a customized mug or keychain to show you care? For details contact – Available for NFT holders only.

Don’t Know What Endometriosis Is?

Explore the immersive Endometriosis Info Gallery of the Metaverse in Spatial at for a virtual experience raising awareness about this debilitating condition (no headset required).

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