Feeling Like You Don’t Have a Voice In the Ever-Changing Tech Landscape?
Looking for a community that values your perspective on emerging innovations?
Can’t talk to friends, family or even colleagues about your future -tech passions?


Elevate Your Innovation Game

Collaborative Discovery

Our mastermind is designed for immersive collaboration. We’ll share insights, imagine possibilities and develop ethical, inclusive prototypes that demonstrate the potential of Augmenting Your Creativity, without altering your soul!

Get Ready To Go D.E.E.P.

  • DISCOVER – Dive into the forefront of innovation, uncovering the latest trends and groundbreaking developments within future tech and the Metaverse.
  • EXPLORE – Envision and conceptualize new realities through collaborative sessions focused on possibility thinking and strategic foresight.
  • EXPERIENCE – Engage in hands-on workshops, lively discussions, and valuable networking with peers and industry experts.
  • PURSUE – Prepare to harness cutting-edge innovations to propel your business forward through collaborative ideation and project-based learning.

Whats in It For Me?

You’ll Gain:

  • Connections: Build your network with professionals passionate about the future. Brainstorm, strategize and create with your peers.
  • Inspiration: Gain a competitive edge through insightful sessions led by our tech experts and fellow trailblazers. From lively discussions to interactive activities, you’ll be empowered to innovate
  • Strategies: Walk away with frameworks to implement emerging tech effectively within your organization. Become a leader in your industry.
  • Roadmap: Develop a blueprint for utilizing technology to tackle challenges for your community or workforce.
  • Hands-on Learning: Get tangible experience with emerging technologies through workshops and demos focused on leveraging AI, Metaverse, blockchain and more.



Its time to go D.E.E.P, choose the right pricing plan for you or your business

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/per session


  • $500 per session
  • Up to 1 session per month
  • Drop In Flexibility
  • Great for Networking
  • Flexible Scheduling: Book to attend on a whim


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Easy monthly subscription billing

  • 24 Sessions in 2024 (with subscription)
  • Access 2 Sessions Monthly
  • Join Us in ChatGPT Team “Techniverse
  • Community Resources & Support
  • All Exclusive Benefits Included





Very Innovative Plan. Save 15% over monthly pricing

  • $699 Savings over monthly
  • Enjoy a 2-month equivalent discount off the total
  • Access 1 VIP Only Session per month
  • 36 Sessions in 2024 (24 premium, 12 VIP only)
  • All Exclusive Benefits Included

Exclusive Benefits for Masterminds

  • (1) Mastermind Access (Virtual)
  • (1) ChatGPT Team Access (Techniverse Team) ($9499 value)
  • (1) Access to Techniverse Community ($24.99 per month)
  • (1) 60m Personal Consultation (Once Monthly) ($350 value)
  • (1) Ideation Session 60m (Quarterly) ($500 value)
  • Swag Bag Eligibility (additional requirements for distribution) (varies)
  • Meta Mind Shift Mastermind Branded T-Shirt
  • Meta Mind Shift Mastermind Branded Journal
  • Meta Mind Shift Mastermind (Spotlight) (priceless, optional)

Save the Dates!

Mastermind will convene at least twice monthly without exception. Official Time Zone is EST. Meeting time may be adjusted to support registrants time zones.

Freeview Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
January 2024:
Linkedin Info Session:
Friday, January 26, 2024

PreLaunch Free Preview on Linkedin
Tuesday, January 30
February 2024:
Tuesday, February 13
Tuesday, February 27

March 2024:
Tuesday, March 12
Tuesday, March 26
April 2024:
Tuesday, April 9
Tuesday, April 23

May 2024:
Tuesday, May 7
Tuesday, May 21

June 2024:
Tuesday, June 4
Tuesday, June 18
July 2024:
Tuesday, July 9
Tuesday, July 23

August 2024:
Tuesday, August 6
Tuesday, August 20

September 2024:
Tuesday, September 3
Tuesday, September 17
October 2024:
Tuesday, October 1
Tuesday, October 15
Tuesday, October 29

November 2024:
Tuesday, November 12
Tuesday, November 26

December 2024:
Tuesday, December 10
Tuesday, December 24
2 additional dates to be introduced into Q1 schedule to support January 2024. Dates subject to change to support participation and special events.

This event is perfect for:

Tech Curious, Data Entry Clerks, Marketing Professionals, Consultants, Advisors, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Strategists, Innovation Managers, Tech Integration Specialists, IT Support Staff, Quality Assurance Testers, Coders, Recently Laid Off, Looking to Pivot, Small Business Owners Looking for a Niche, Script-Kiddies, System Administration Roles, Task Automation Specialists, Entry-Level Software Developers, Network Managers, Help Desk Support, Cybersecurity Analysts, Business Owners, CEOs (Chief Executive Officers), CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), CIOs (Chief Information Officers), CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), Tech Curious, Entrepreneurs, Church Leaders, Non-profit founders, Non-profit Organizers, CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers), Technology Leaders, Sales Executives, Digital Transformation Leaders, Startup Founders, Decision Makers, Industry Leaders, Thought Leaders, Business Development Managers, Strategists, Educators and anyone thinking about how technology affects our daily lives.

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Black ‘Verse Summit hosts the Power of Decentralization Conference Sept 2022 by Black Multiverse Enterprises and Technikole Consulting

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