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NiKole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting
NiKole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting

NiKole Maxwell is an innovative implementation technologist and certified demystifier of emerging technologies like AI, Automation, Blockchain and of course the Metaverse. She’s a future forward Metaverse champion who passionately spreads the word about enablement in our decentralized future. She dedicates her time to ensuring the expansion of small businesses and disenfranchised communities into the Metaverse. NiKole illustrates based on her experiences and regularly illuminates possibilities for a better future based on the decentralized blockchain with Web3.

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Our events spark the insights that fuel transformation. Be bold, be curious, be ready to lead the way forward. Your digital journey begins here.

From blockchain workshops to future-focused summits, our events are idea launchpads for digital pioneers preparing you to step confidently into your Digital Transformation. With themes ranging from professional development with Google and Process Automation to the creative like our Spring Break and Digital Art Series, by learning how to use a new tool or understanding the nuances of a new technology, you’ll learn in-demand skills, ignite fresh thinking, and return energized to drive change.

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Meta Mind Shift Mastermind, say hello to the future
Meta Mind Shift Mastermind, say hello to the future

Meta Mind Shift Mastermind


Embrace a transformative experience with the Meta Mind Shift Mastermind, where your unique perspective is not only welcomed but actively encouraged.

Registration for Quarter 1 closes February 14th @7PM EST

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