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Discord 101 | How to Use Discord (Event)

Learn how to use Discord, learn basic navigation for NFT Community participation and how to stay safe in your community. Earn a Proof of Experience Token (POE.T) for completion of the session …

Learn how to use Discord, learn basic navigation for NFT Community participation and how to stay safe in your community. Earn a Proof of Experience Token (POE.T) for completion of the session (Palm compatible wallet required)

This workshop is hosted by Technikole Consulting, NiKole Maxwell, innovator of Discord 101 for NFTs on the Clubhouse app. Join the session to learn how to navigate and participate in your NFT (Crypto, DAO, DAC…blockchain) Community.

PREREQUISITES [What you need]

LEARNING OBJECTIVES [What you’ll learn]


Decide what works best for you: Browser, cellphone app, or desktop version – create your user id. Don’t worry if you can’t do this in advance, we will go over it in the workshop.


Proof of Experience Tokens will be made available for those who successfully complete this session. Limit one token, per registered person. Poets require a crypto wallet address with Palm blockchain compatibility (Metamask works fine).

ABOUT Technikole

Technikole Consulting helps individuals become technically savvy…for the decentralized Metaverse. NFTS and Discord are a large part of technical innovation that is building the future. Not being able to participate in NFT communities should not be a barrier to access around the blockchain. We believe that everyone can learn to operate Discord and can do so successfully.

As “heard” on Tavis Smileys KBLA 1580AM radio – NiKole Maxwell is the “Metaverse Goddess” who began training community members on “Discord 101: How to use Discord” on the Clubhouse app in summer of 2021. She has helped hundreds to onboard to Discord and the blockchain in preparation for the decentralized Metaverse.

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Note: NiKole and Technikole are not affiliated with Discord and offer this training as a means of access, removing barriers to technology to enable individuals to “THRIVE” around the blockchain and decentralized Metaverse.

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Delivery Date: March, 2022

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