Hello Technikole

    NiKole Maxwell, Metaverse Goddess

NiKole Maxwell is an internationally lauded metaverse consultant, avid gamer, dedicated community leader and a business woman seasoned in creating end to end solutions for enterprise and small business. Shes now putting all of that to work towards the decentralized Metaverse.

She’s the CEO and Chief Metaverse Officer for Black Multiverse Enterprises, a leading Web 3 organization that is home to some of the best and brightest individuals in the world. She has an affinity for all things future including gaming, sci-fi and technology. Her metaverse consultancy, Technikole Consulting works on a local level with individuals and small businesses to help them discover the options for a decentralized future.

NiKole is a sought-after community leader, speaker and advisor.“Technikole” Founded Black 'Verse in December of 2021. This year (2022) is all about decentralization. She was selected as a Crypto Blockchain Plugs’ Black Futures Month honoree (Feb ‘22). She led the production of the International Women of Blockchain, a historical, 31-day Conference in March ‘22. Ms Maxwell was a noted speaker at the Black and Latino Crypto Rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC (April ‘22). She was also a featured speaker for the Black Business Olympics where she proudly serves as a Board Member in (May and July ‘22) and created the 30 Days of Metaverse Challenge in June ‘22, and we have 6 months to go!

NiKole was dubbed the Goddess of the Metaverse and is one of the most sought after voices for Metaverse education and information. She is the host of the weekly broadcast on the Black Business Network, for her production the “Meta Mind Shift Show” streaming to networks such as Spotify, Google Play, Roku and Hulu and YouTube.

NiKole is dedicated to innovation and decentralization. In June of 2022 she revealed a plan to educate hundreds through Google Scholarships and provide Web 3 employment furthering her mission to educate, train, and advance across the decentralized blockchain, and Web3 for our future in the Metaverse.