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30 Days of Metaverse: The Next Leap Forward

Welcome to the 2nd Annual 30 Days of Metaverse Challenge! Think, Mint, Buidl, and Explore In the footsteps of the successful #30DaysOfCode initiative and our inaugural #30DaysOfMetaverse chall…

Welcome to the 2nd Annual 30 Days of Metaverse Challenge!

Think, Mint, Buidl, and Explore

In the footsteps of the successful #30DaysOfCode initiative and our inaugural #30DaysOfMetaverse challenge last year, we’re back with an exciting and more expansive project. This year, our focus is not just on creation but also exploration and immersion in the rapidly evolving Metaverse.

The Metaverse is coming together, piece by piece, and we’re playing a pivotal part in shaping it. As we continue our journey into this virtual realm, it’s time to not just imagine but to build, explore, and interact within our collective futures.

Goals for the Metaverse 2.0

This isn’t a traditional NFT project. It’s an evolving, decentralized catalog of collections united by a shared vision and the hashtag #30DaysOfMetaverse. Your contributions, whether they’re imaginative metaverse creations, AI generations, blockchain games, or immersive 360 backdrops, will be part of this movement.

The goal remains the same to capture this moment in time, envision the world we want to see in the Metaverse, and minting that vision onto the blockchain. But this year, we are also encouraging participants to explore the Metaverse and share their unique experiences as they engage with others’ creations.

How to Participate:

Definition of the Metaverse

This year, we’re pushing the boundaries of our definition of the Metaverse. It’s not just about envisioning your own part of it anymore it’s also about experiencing, understanding, and appreciating the Metaverse as it grows and evolves.

The Genesis Collection

Last year’s collection was hosted on Ethereum and Polygon. I used generative art (AI) at a time when it wasn’t as widely accepted as it is today. Last year I created from my thoughts visualizations of what I thought about when I thought about my future and our collective futures in the Metaverse. My artwork included StarryAI and a touch of Dalle2. I committed to a process – think, create, mint – everyday for 30 days. There were times when I was tired and little sleep deprived but I did it. My collection is out there. And you know what, not a single soul bought an NFT. 30 Days I pondered and created and ideated. My creations were varied and included descriptions, some had animations others had IPFS extras as unlockables and 2 even had scholarships for Google Career Certificates. Utility was real. The collection went 100% unsold and its still out there dangling on Opensea. But that wasn’t the point for me and is certainly not my measure of success. The point was the process. I did it, at a time when not many others were. I entered July fully satified with myself.

This year, I’m excited to see what new visions and experiences will be added to our Metaverse. This year SOOOOOOOOOOOO much has changed. The world is sorta starting to get the point. AI adds a whole new flavor to everything we are doing and this year no exception. Starting June 1st, 2023, join in on the #30DaysOfMetaverse movement. Take the challenge, think about the Metaverse and what it means to you and then mint it on the blockchain.

Daily Steps

  1. Commit to exploring and contributing to the Metaverse for 30 days.

  2. Create or engage with some form of Metaverse content every day for June 2023. (or any month you start your challenge)

  3. Mint your creation or experiences as an NFT on Polygon or the blockchain of your choice.

  4. Share your daily adventures and creations on Twitter or Instagram or your blog or wherever you are with the hashtag #30DaysOfMetaverse.

  5. Foster community and accountability by sharing your journey with your audience, followers, and community.


Collect an NFT that resonates with you anyone using the #30DaysOfMetaverse hashtag and share why it captured your imagination.

Augmenting Your Creativity with AI

In this year’s 30 Days of Metaverse challenge, we’re embracing the power of AI to amplify our creative capabilities. Artificial Intelligence is here to supplement our creativity, not supplant it. It is a tool for us, a paintbrush of sorts that opens doors and new pathways to discovery and exploration. Whether you’re using AI to generate new ideas, create virtual characters or avatars, build dynamic environments, or even produce AI-assisted artworks, it’s all a part of the broader journey for digital transformation.

AI can help you create content faster and explore concepts beyond your usual realm of thinking. It can inspire you with unexpected ideas, generate content based on your specifications, and help you fine-tune your creations. But remember, while AI is a powerful tool, it’s your vision and creativity that bring your Metaverse to life. AI is there to augment your imagination, not replace it.

Don’t shy away from using AI in your 30 Days of Metaverse journey. Consider it a creative partner, an assistant that’s there to help you realize your vision.

Whether you’re new to AI or have been harnessing its power for years, we encourage you to integrate it into your Metaverse creations. After all, the Metaverse is a space where technology and imagination meet, and AI has a significant role to play in its evolution.

Tips For The Journey


Newbies are welcome! I highly recommend you try Spatial.io as a great place to take your first steps into the Metaverse and Twitter as well for communications and accountability. If you’ve never made an NFT before but do have a blockchain wallet – you can create your heart out over at Poe.xyz – this is the POETs platform. POET stands for Proof of Experience. You put in your media, fill out as much as you’d like to and then click Create. You will receive an onscreen QR code and link to claim. Go ahead and claim your own experience. Congratulations you’ve just made an NFT! It will appear wherever Polygon-based NFTs are rendered. Be sure to post about it. if you can’t find the NFT, check your hidden folder.


This project is Open to All, includes all types of renderings and experiences, and is blockchain agnostic.

You don’t have to be an artist or a creator to participate. Everyone has a unique perspective to bring to the Metaverse, and we’re excited to see what you come up with.

I’ll be doing this daily so if you want to follow me will always (try to) post to Twitter, BlueSky and Instagram is a hard maybe. https://twitter.com/iamtechnikole


By participating in #30DaysOfMetaverse, you’re not just creating or and are certainly never a consumer you’re becoming a part of a decentralized movement. This is an opportunity for self-discovery, community engagement, and creative expression.

Created by Technikole, NiKole Maxwell on May 29th, 2023.


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