Scheduling…in the Metaverse?

What will scheduling look like in the future of the decentralized Metaverse? Who knows! But we can ponder, so lets

Scheduling is a pain in the butt for some folksIE me. First of all, Im a rebellious nerd. I dislike the idea of someone else being in charge of my time. I do however love giving it freely to organizations and things I am passionate about and I guess that is a part of what makes me perfect for entrepreneurship. One of the great things about technology is that it helps us fill in the gaps for some of our lesser qualities so that we can do other things. Scheduling is one of those for me. The scheduler is one of those wonderful tools thats out there that helps us to be more technically savvy! One that Ive found most useful is Calendly.

Calendly is NOT a decentralized application, however we will enjoy using it until there is a viable replacement in the Web3 space. Who knows, Calendly might take a leap and jump onto a decentralized blockchain. But for now thousands of entrepreneurs, contractors, consultants, coaches, strategists and market adjacent professionals are using Calendly to keep their schedules on track. Up until now, if you had multiple service offerings it was challenging to direct traffic. Many, like myself reluctantly used things like or set up multiple domains to help patch a solution together with the help of redirects. Well now you dont have to.

The Update

A few days ago Calendly, a leader in scheduling automation released a game changing add on for their customer base. This is THE update for Calendly. Im surprised there isnt more of a fuss about this but this update changes the game for Calendly users and make no mistake, its a good one if you know why.

Calendly Introduces Customer Routing Forms

What? A form? Why is that important? This update includes the ability to direct your customers to a specific meeting type through a series of questions and responses, ensuring that they land in the right spot. This is a big upgrade for the workflow and a very much needed component that Ive felt was missing for a while. 👍🏽

Technikole Consulting Optimized Your Process for a Future in the Decentralized Metaverse

The History

Pretend you are a person with many talents 🤔😂 and many different services and capabilities that you offer. Keeping up with many different appointment types when it comes time to schedule with your customers, can be daunting. It is really easy to provide an appointment or timeslot with a single link when you have a single service but when you have many, especially when those are servicing unrelated categories and needs, you find yourself either limiting the offering OR overloading your customer / prospect / collector or interested party with too many options. With this update you can send a single link and that link will kick off the routing form. Once submitted the routing routine will begin and the customer will be directed to a predetermined location, event or set of information. The technology decides where to send the customer based on their response.

Example 1: Question | Have you discovered the decentralized Metaverse? Response: YES Next Step ==> Directed to Appointment Screen for Consultation Example 2: Question | Have you discovered the decentralized Metaverse? Response: No Next Step ==> Directed to link "Metaverse Infosheet"

Even better Calendly provides options for the decision step in routing. This means you dont just have to offer an appointment. As shown in Example #2 you can route potential info seekers to another site or a special message in addition to a consultation. Developers and Business Process Managers refer to this as a logic tree or a decision tree. The team at Calendly have made routing flexible and easy for their customers.

The Tutorial

📌 I created a tutorial to demonstrate how to set up a basic form using the new routing and routine functionality with Calendly. 💚I used the FREE version of the platform for the video. The tutorial walks you through the process of creating your first form and routing routine and provides tips for simplifying your workflow.

Check Out the Video

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I embedded my form into my contact page on my website. I can do the same for you, just schedule some time SCHEDULE embedded Calendly form on live website

About that Metaverse Question

Web 2 is not going to stop working because we choose another path. Web3 is in its beginning stages yes it is still early. The creation of the Metaverse is still VERY early. I feel like everything is being turned into a metaverse these daysoh wait, thats another article, let me recenter myself. Web 2 applications are our past but we are still using them until there are viable Web 3 alternatives. When it comes to the future of the Metaverse, scheduling may be very different but may retain reflections of what we have today.

A Possible Scenario

I imagine talking into my virtual watch and telling Rashad (my metaverse Google/Siri/Alexa equivalent) that I want to meet with PuffinNow123 on Friday at 6 in ProcessWorld on the cusp of Neptunes left ring. The topic will be Process Improvement Using Blockchain Technology. Id also like to invite StrategyKing47, MicroTheManager and George Fury. The meeting will include an on-demand infinite whiteboard, intergalactic boardroom-style spatial seating, and VR catering lunch will be served in real life to the physical locations of each participant using their NFT loyalty cardetc (equivalent crypto credit will be given to those who have location tracking services disabled). Our breakout room will have a 360 game of P2E (Play to Earn) Neptune Tetris available for all.

The scheduler will reach out to the virtual assistants of the mentioned parties and work to confirm availability almost instantaneously. Each of the attendees will be prompted virtually to confirm the meeting request. I will receive immediate confirmation from all except for the StrategyKing, he doesnt respond until after his virtual rollercoaster ride is complete due to his privacy settings. The meeting will not be broadcast or recorded. The meeting is booked as soon as the specified gas fee is paid and everyone reaps the benefit from our breakout session where we earned while we played.

Welcome to working in the world of the interconnected decentralized MetaverseMaybe.

I wont pretend that I cant almost achieve that today with some good VR and outstanding coordination on all fronts but because the tech is relatively raw, we have gaping holes in the experience and some things that just arent logically sound or the experience that is floating in my head. Thats ok. This is a scene I want to happen. It can if we push for what we want and what we want to build. The theme that I hope was present in that moment is innovation and choice.

Im glad we have tools like Calendly that are available to make things more streamlined today. I will not stop hoping for what I want in the future because I exist in the present.

 Be innovative. Do something Fun. Discover the decentralized Metaverse.

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