Ready, Set, Go – Add ChatGPT to the Proposal Workflow (Beginner Friendly) (Event)

Join us for “Ready, Set, Go – Add ChatGPT to the Proposal Workflow” a interactive workshop designed to help proposal management teams harness the power of AI and layer ChatGPT into their proposal development process. This course offers practical insights, hands-on demonstrations, and best practices to enhance your bid, capture, and propose workflow using ChatGPT.

During this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in proposal development.
  • Explore the capabilities of ChatGPT as a powerful AI language model.
  • Discover the key uses and applications of ChatGPT in the proposal development process.
  • Understand the role of ChatGPT in crafting responses to Federal Request for Proposals (RFPs).
  • Engage in interactive session with Google Bard to enhance color team reviews
  • Learn best practices for integrating ChatGPT into RFP processes
  • Address participant questions and concerns through a dedicated Q&A session.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your proposal development process with AI-powered efficiency. Register now for you and your dedicated proposal team. “Ready, Set, Go – Add ChatGPT to the Proposal Workflow”. Get ready to soar stay ahead of the competition in the evolving world of proposals.

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