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NiKole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting

NiKole “Technikole” Maxwell is a dynamic digital transformation consultant at the forefront of emerging technologies like AI, automation, blockchain, and the Metaverse. With a lifelong passion for tech sparked at age 10 when she built her first computer, Throughout her history, NiKole has leveraged her expertise to lead transformational initiatives for industry giants like IBM Watson, DocuSign, Pepsi, Verizon, and Liberty Mutual.

As the Owner of Technikole Consulting, a woman-led and Black-owned small business, NiKole guides organizations through the complexities of digital transformation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies into their frameworks to drive growth and innovation. Her niche lies in end-to-end technical program implementation, boasting multifaceted exposure across various industries, including SaaS, BPO, Federal Proposal Development, and Web3 including: Metaverse Cultivation, Blockchain, and AI. NiKole is dedicated to the curation of inclusive Metaverse spaces that foster learning and growth.

NiKole ignites a spark in entrepreneurs, helping them discover “Augmenting Creativity” through offerings like “AiRT Work by Technikole”, “AI SpokesPersona by Technikole” and the upcoming Techniverse community. Here, professionals access AI innovations to enhance creativity and optimize workflows. While some refer to her as the “Goddess of the Metaverse,” this recognition stems from NiKole’s renowned ability to help anyone understand emerging technologies and implement adaptions for their business. She empowers professionals with training on automation, business processes, ideation, and onboarding into the emerging tech landscape. NiKole is the master at cultivating inclusive Metaverse environments that foster learning and growth in this new frontier.

Speaking Topics:

  • Meta Mind Shift™️ Talks™️ by NiKole Maxwell (you pick the focus!)
  • Beyond Zoom, Into the Metaverse™️
  • Discovering AI & Automation a Journey to Growth™️
  • Discovering Emerging Technologies™️ for Techies
  • Beyond the Basement, Gamers Lead Future Tech
  • Navigating the Metaverse: A Roadmap for Businesses™️
  • Blockchain & Web3: Revolutionizing Industries
  • A Metaverse for Everyone, including You™️
  • A Black Woman with a Mind for the Future™️
  • War Room of the Metaverse: Are You Ready for War?™️

In her mission to make the Metaverse accessible, NiKole has been able to engage with some amazing figures including Russell Simmons, Marcus Carey,  Najah Roberts, Frank Holder, Warrington Hudlin, Dr. Tammy Francis, and Artsy in VR. With a passion for atypical education, she aims to illuminate possibilities for a decentralized and empowered future. In addition she champions Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism Awareness, Endometriosis Awareness and the objective of equal footing for all.

NiKole creates and is the Founder of initiatives, activities and communities that expand your mind:

  • Black Metaversity NFT Collection, Created by NiKole Maxwell 2021 (created with AI)
  • Black Multiverse Enterprises, Founded by NiKole Maxwell 2021
  • Black ‘Verse Metaverse Community, Founded by NiKole Maxwell, 2021
  • 30 Days of Metaverse 2022, Founded by NiKole Maxwell
  • Endometriosis Info Gallery of the Metaverse Founded by NiKole Maxwell, 2022
  • Techniverse Educational Community, Founded by NiKole Maxwell, 2022

For more information and to stay ahead in the world of future tech, visit and schedule an Introduction to Emerging Technologies like AI, the Blockchain, Automation, or the Metaverse and more through Let Technikole Consulting help you to be technically savvy! #technikole #techniverse #innovation #metaverse

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NiKole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting
NiKole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting

NiKole Maxwell is an innovative implementation technologist and certified demystifier of emerging technologies like AI, Automation, Blockchain and of course the Metaverse. She’s a future forward Metaverse champion who passionately spreads the word about enablement in our decentralized future. She dedicates her time to ensuring the expansion of small businesses and disenfranchised communities into the Metaverse. NiKole illustrates based on her experiences and regularly illuminates possibilities for a better future based on the decentralized blockchain with Web3.

Lets work together to make an experience you and your team won’t soon forget.