NiKole Maxwell, “Technikole”

Decentralized Innovator

NiKole Maxwell, also known as “Technikole,” is a dynamic professional with a diverse background. Her expertise lies in the implementation of emerging technologies, including AI, automation, blockchain, and the Metaverse. As a certified demystifier, NiKole is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses navigate the evolving landscape of Web3 and decentralized technologies.

Black 'Verse Summit hosts the Power of Decentralization Conference Sept 2022 by Black Multiverse Enterprises and Technikole Consulting

She is the founder of Black Multiverse Enterprises, a Grow with Google Gold Status Partner, and the Black ‘Verse Metaverse Community. NiKole is recognized as the “Goddess of the Metaverse” and plays a transformative role in Black future tech education. Her contributions extend to media distribution through MaxDistro Worldwide, where she serves as the host and Executive Producer of the “Meta Mind Shift Show,” a platform available on various networks such as Roku, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Audible, YouTube and often in the Metaverse.

As the founder of Technikole Consulting, NiKole leverages her extensive experience to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in thriving within the latest technological landscapes. Offering services such as future implementation, ideation, training and consulting she emphasizes the importance of embracing future technologies like Web3, blockchain, AI, NFTs, and VR.

Technikole Consulting, a woman-led and Black-owned small business, supporting clients in their journey toward discovery and empowerment utilizing the power of the blockchain and other emerging technologies.  NiKole’s commitment to “Augmenting Your Creativity” is reflected in offerings like “AiRT Work by Technikole” and the Techniverse. These offerings provide professionals with training and access to community-driven AI innovations and techniques, enhancing creativity and optimizing workflow.

In the Technikole Consulting space, NiKole invites entrepreneurs to explore “Augmented Creativity” in the Metaverse, providing education on NFT creation, Discord, VR tours, VR training, crypto wallet safety, and virtual real estate. The Techniverse community, led by NiKole, strives to bring cutting-edge technology to businesses, making them future-ready in a beginner-friendly manner.

In her mission to make the Metaverse accessible, NiKole actively engages with prominent figures in the industry and to the culture, including Russell Simmons, Marcus Carey,  Najah Roberts, Frank Holder, Warrington Hudlin, Dr. Tammy Francis, and Artsy in VR. With a passion for education, she aims to illuminate possibilities for a decentralized and empowered future. In addition she champions Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism Awareness, Endometriosis Awareness and the objective of equal footing for all.

For more information and to stay ahead in the world of future tech, visit and schedule an Introduction to the Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain education, and more through Let Technikole Consulting help you to be technically savvy! #technikole #techniverse #innovation #metaverse

NiKole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting
NiKole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting

NiKole Maxwell is an innovative implementation technologist and certified demystifier of emerging technologies like AI, Automation, Blockchain and of course the Metaverse. She’s a future forward Metaverse champion who passionately spreads the word about enablement in our decentralized future. She dedicates her time to ensuring the expansion of small businesses and disenfranchised communities into the Metaverse. NiKole illustrates based on her experiences and regularly illuminates possibilities for a better future based on the decentralized blockchain with Web3.

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