Meta Mind Shift Show – S1 E1 [Building a New World]

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Welcome to the Meta Mind Shift Show with your guide – NiKole “Technikole” Maxwell aka Metaverse Goddess, Season 1, Episode 1 – the beginning!


What is the Metaverse? What does it mean to us?  The answers will come to that and more.  Its the first official show.  Lets get down to business.  Join us as we explore and experience the Metaverse.  We have a whole new world being built up around us and we are going to reach out and touch it!  Special guests will come from around the blockchain, specialist in Web3, Crypto, NFTs, DAOs and more will tap in to discuss new technologies, community challenges and issues that no one else is talking about.  


Its time for your Meta Mind Shift, its time to discover the Metaverse, lets go! 


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