Announcing Meta Mind Shift Mastermind

You’ve got fears. Your friends don’t understand. Your co-workers are oblivious. You are curious and you’ve got questions!

Welcome to the Meta Mind Shift Mastermind – where questions find answers and challenges meet innovation. Join a community of curious seekers, disruptors, and visionaries. Let’s bridge the gap together, creating a space that truly gets you. 🌐✨ #MetaMindShift#Innovators#Community

Technikole Consulting Presents: Meta Mind Shift Mastermind

This year embark on a transformative journey with our mastermind community – a space crafted for individuals passionate about diving deep into the realms of AI, the Metaverse, and beyond. Discover cutting-edge insights, explore new dimensions, and gain hands-on experience as you pioneer the future of technology. Join us in this immersive experience where curiosity meets innovation, and together, we go DEEP into the exciting possibilities of the digital frontier.

Within this collaborative space, professionals from various industries converge to delve into the depths of AI, the metaverse, blockchain, and other groundbreaking technologies. Together, we’ll redefine how these tools catalyze positive change. Join us and be a part of the movement that is reshaping the future of innovation!

Come Together, Go D.E.E.P.
Our mastermind sessions are designed for immersive collaboration. We’ll share insights, imagine possibilities and develop ethical, inclusive prototypes that demonstrate the potential of Augmenting Your Creativity, without altering your soul!

  • DISCOVER – Dive into the forefront of innovation, uncovering the latest trends and groundbreaking developments within future tech and the Metaverse.
  • EXPLORE – Envision and conceptualize new realities through collaborative sessions focused on possibility thinking and strategic foresight.
  • EXPERIENCE – Engage in hands-on workshops, lively discussions, and valuable networking with peers and industry experts.
  • PURSUE – Prepare to harness cutting-edge innovations to propel your business forward through collaborative ideation and project-based learning.

24 Sessions in 2024!
Tuesdays @7PM
Sign Up at:

Questions? Contact Technikole Consulting [7033487366] or send to: “

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